Parent Feedback


    The small class sizes of Birchfield have worked so effectively for our son. His teachers really know him and have time to spend with him and notice what he is doing. There is no doubt that this is beneficial for early education and it develops confident child/teacher relationships.
    Mr and Mrs B. 2018


    I just wanted to thank you so much for encouraging the girls to find their confidence and give their best in today’s Nativity. I was amazed by their performances! I was not sure if they would have the confidence to speak loudly and clearly in front of a group of strangers, and I believe they have found that because of you. Coming to Birchfield has been such an amazing opportunity and experience for our children and we are so impressed on a regular basis! Thank you so much.
    Mr and Mrs W. 2018


    ‘I have to thank the Year 2 teacher for the wonderful progress my youngest child has made this year. She is truly an inspirational teacher driving and guiding children to be the very best they can be – she is a real credit to your teaching staff. We think very highly of her and are very thankful for her support and nurturing. I have been thrilled to see my child make such brilliant progress’.
    Mr and Mrs B. 2018


    I really enjoyed the play and all the children did so well. I also want to thank all the staff members for putting everything together. Oh, what a beautiful day it was for everyone. Now my memory is full of all those songs, even as I am emailing you!
    Miss C. 2018


    ‘We couldn’t be happier with the decision to send our daughters to a co-educational school. They have reached their full potential in the classroom and are at ease with their male peers. This gives them a true sense of the real world and will give them the confidence they need for their careers ahead. Walking through the gates at Birchfield, there is an instant sense of tradition & pride. Being a small school, our daughters continue to blossom and have grown in confidence over the years.
    Mr and Mrs H. 2018


    ‘Our son has spent his whole childhood at Birchfield and it has been the happiest one imaginable. He will never forget his time here, the teachers he has worked with, or the great friends he has made. He leaves a confident, respectful, well-mannered young man with a high achievement record and a love of learning. Thank you Birchfield for all you have done for us.’
    Mr and Mrs P. 2018


    ‘Birchfield showed its true colours in the final two years (7 & 8), turning our shy and hesitant son into a confident, self-assured scholar ready for the challenges of senior school. There was no greater start in life we could have given our children than Birchfield.’
    Mr and Mrs T. 2018


    The gift of education is the only thing we can give to our children that no-one can ever take away. Birchfield has exceeded our expectations in producing fine young ladies of our daughters. We have sent our daughters to Birchfield School, not just to learn the attributes of Maths and Science but to be schooled in all aspects of life, giving them a rounded education to be well-equipped for life.’
    Mr and Mrs H. 2018


    ‘Since the children started at Birchfield last month we have been so impressed with how well they have progressed in such a short time. Particularly our son – at home we have really noticed a difference in him. He seems happier and more confident. The play last night was amazing and he was so excited to have been part of it. It’s not something I ever expected him to enjoy as much. I wanted to thank you for making this such a positive experience for our whole family. Your hard work is very much appreciated’.
    Mr and Mrs W. 2018


    ‘Birchfield offered our son an excellent all-round education. We chose Birchfield for its rural location, small class sizes, excellent facilities and good pastoral care. One of the key reasons we chose it was because it leaves the options open for the next stage of education and offers a range of support for selecting on-going education. This gives complete choice over the next school. The range of sport and extracurricular activities is excellent and enabled our son to develop both team work and leadership skills together with the ability to participate in sports at house, team and county level. Birchfield also offers pupils the opportunity to develop skills in many other disciplines such as art’.
    Mr and Mrs S. 2018


    ‘We have found that many lifelong friendships are made at Birchfield, and not only for the pupils. Our youngest son has three godparents who are all Birchfield parents! Year groups mix easily together, encouraging the children to become part of one big family. As our eldest daughters prepare to move on to pastures new, we look forward to beginning the journey again with our youngest child!’
    Mr and Mrs H. 2018


    ‘Our daughter attended Birchfield School from Reception to age 13. She thoroughly enjoyed her time at the school, which prepared her very well for senior school. She described being at Birchfield as being one big family and was very sad to leave. I would recommend Birchfield to prospective parents.’
    Mr and Mrs M. 2018


    ‘As the mother of girls, it is vital to me that their school can offer the pastoral care required as they grow into young ladies. Matron has ensured the girls feel fully supported through this sensitive time in their lives and has created an environment whereby the girls feel totally at ease & confident to deal with these tricky times. Staff members are also respectful of their needs, especially where sporting activities are concerned.’ 
    Mr and Mrs H. 2018


    ‘My husband and I chose Birchfield because of the individual tailored education for our child. Small classes with specialist teaching staff for all subjects has provided our child with a personalised experience so far in his time at Birchfield. Coupled with the diverse and rich curriculum, sporting opportunities and the huge breadth of after-school activities and clubs, we think Birchfield is the perfect recipe for an all-round but personally tailored education.’
    Mr and Mrs N. 2018


    ‘We would like to personally thank the leader of Enterprise Club for all her input and all the excellent Study and Life Skills classes that are available to our children at Birchfield. Also, our huge thanks to our Friends of Birchfield team and in particular this year’s Parent Forum Representative who makes a huge amount of effort on behalf of all the parents and is always available to help.’
    Mr and Mrs H. 2018


    Our daughter has been able to pursue her passion for music and drama through taking part in many performances and singing events.  Birchfield has equipped our daughter with a strong learning ethos and important skills that have allowed her to excel academically. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our daughter in all her sporting achievements at Birchfield. She has had the opportunity to learn so many different sports; Hockey, Netball, Cross Country, Swimming, Rounders, Cricket to name a few.
    Mr and Mrs C. 2017


    Birchfield has offered everything we could have asked for as a foundation for our daughter and even more. It is a very special place, with wonderfully caring staff and a fun environment to learn in. As a family we will miss not being part of the Birchfield Family and have no hesitation in recommending it as a school.’
    Mr and Mrs L. 2017


    ‘On relocating as a family from Buckinghamshire to Shropshire with the RAF just before our daughter was due to start school for the first time, we fell upon the gem that is Birchfield School and what a brilliant find it has been. She is now in her 5th year and throughout her entire time at Birchfield School the staff have always proved to be extremely supportive and understanding. As parents, we have been consistently impressed by the genuine care and quality of teaching evident across the school.
    Mr and Mrs C. 2017